Guidelines for your “on the go” Lifestyles

By Dr. Margaret Rappaport

Body Weight

To calculate the right weight for your height and bones, women should allow 100 pounds for the first five feet; add five pounds per inch above that; men need to allow 106 pounds for the first five feet, add six pounds per inch after that. Both should add 10% of the total for a large frame; subtract 10% for a small frame.

When you need to lose weight, you will want to lose fat rather than muscle. To ensure this, gradually cut calories by decreasing fat and low quality foods while increasing physical activity.

Exercise that gets  you moving enough to hear yourself breathing is best for your health. Set a goal to lose no more than one pound per week for safe weight control.

How to Help Yourself

When you think or make derogatory comments about your body, keep a record of the time, place, who you were with, what you were doing. There is a pervasive abuse that permeates our society and defeats our healthy sense of ourselves. Men and women are afflicted  by unrealistic standards that have been tormenting people for years. This mania a that people acquire the “fashion driven female” or “athletic male” lean body type that only 5% of people can achieve is destructive.

Diet Psychology

  • commit to a discipline; avoid feasting and fasting
  • eat for optimum health not to satisfy hunger; be a smart consumer of food products
  • keep on a balanced program of exercise which includes aerobic exercise, weight training, stretch and relaxation and breathing
  • don’t judge yourself or criticize, but notice what is going on in your life; identify people who help you and hinder you; understand the habits you have from you family and immediate culture
  • learn assertiveness
  • understand the big difference between selfishness and self esteem
  • make small changes (eating right should not be an overwhelming task)

Nutrition Perspectives

Nutrition management requires education, smart shopping, label reading skills, discernment at restaurants, knowledge of cooking and disciplined eating.

  • understand that you may eat for emotional reasons (comfort)
  • admit and overcome self-defeating behaviors
  • seek independent and group support
  • crash diets make people fatter sooner or later
  • mental and emotional stress causes people to store fat
  • learn to cope with difficult people and situations where food is concerned
  • smaller portions of fatty foods will cause weight gain more quickly than larger portions of non-fat foods
  • you can: rid you body of fat deposits and change you body’s ability to metabolize stored body fat through walking

Problems on the Go?

For motion sickness, natural is better. Ginger is more effective. You can buy candied ginger in stores and chew on it while traveling. Or you can buy ginger supplements in a health food store, take two 500mg capsules before you depart and two more every four hours while traveling.

Avoiding alcoholic beverages is best. If you do drink, make certain you drink a large glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have. Before going to sleep, drink two or three 8 oz glasses of water.

The herb, ginkgo, is particularly useful to relieve symptoms of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and vertigo. Take a small amount according to label directions.

End embarrassing flatulence with one teaspoon of grated ginger and one teaspoon of lime juice taken after eating. This is especially useful after eating in fast food restaurants.

Soak your feet in cool tea water to stop foot odor. The tannic acid in tea eliminates the odor.

Caffeine in coffee, many cola drinks, some teas and chocolate has been heralded by many as a very effective fatigue fighter. You may or may not agree. If you want to drink beverages containing caffeine, plan the time you will do it and limit the number of times you do. Caffeine takes about 1/2 hour to reach the brain and the effects last about 3 hours, with some residuals effects for a time following. If you don’t know how caffeine effects you, or how it effects your alertness and ability to sleep, find out before assuming its success in combating fatigue.



Only When You Have No Choice

Meat veal, lean cuts of lamb bacon, sausages, burgers, spare ribs
Poultry chicken/turkey, no skin duck, pate
Fish sardines, tuna, white fish fried fish, fish, fish roe, fish in batter
Eggs egg whites only
(order poached eggs, eat only whites)
egg yolks (2 max 2 per week)
Oils corn, peanut, sesame, olive butter, lard, palm oil
Nuts most nuts to replace meat coconut
Desserts sherbet, sorbet, croissants, biscuits, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, puddings pies, cakes, doughnuts, muffins
Drinks pure water juice, punch, iced tea, soda