By Dr. Margaret Rappaport

If a healthy adult is sixty years old today, how old can he / she expect to be?

At least eighty years old and probably as many as ten years more.


How many people in the United States are between sixty and eighty years old?

As of the latest census there are 41,000,000 people in this age range.


How many people are expected to enter the age range 60 to 80 years old?

People aged 60 to 80 are increasing at a rate of 1.9% per year on average.


How many people reach the traditional retirement age of 65 years and keep working?

10,000 people per day reach age 65 years and an increasing percentage of them don’t stop working.


How has life expectancy increased in the United States?

In the 20th century life expectancy in- creased from 47 years to 76 years.


Who are the “baby boomers”?

They are the large group of people who were born between 1946 and 1964 in the United States.


What numbers of people are over sixty now?

There are 23 million women and 18 million men over sixty years old.


How will the baby boomers affect the total of 41 million people?

The total number of people sixty and older will increase to 78,000,000.


What is the fastest growing segment of the US population?

People who are 80 years old and older comprise the fastest growing segment of the population.


What is the rate of growth in the 80 years and above age range?

People 80 years and older are increasing at a rate of 3.8% per year on average.


What is the US population?

In 2012 the US population was 315,000,000.


How many people are 100 years old and older today?

Approximately 60,000 people are 100 and older.