By Dr. Margaret Rappaport

At Sixes and Sevens Multimedia is located in Orleans, Massachusetts. This non-profit company (At Sixes and Sevens, Inc) serves the interests of people aged sixty to eighty and beyond through lifelong learning perspectives on our website, experiential workshops on the labyrinth, newsletters and books, and audio podcasts/radio presentations.

At Sixes and Sevens provides a credible source for discovery of circumstances and situations that impact the lives of people in their sixties and seventies. We seek the cutting edge of what defines this large group of adults beyond middle age. We address the issues and subjects of interest to them with the intention to advance the development of vibrant and vigorous living.

The participants who contribute to the website are, for the most part, people who are at sixes and sevens themselves. From expert opinions to casual sharing we are among peers. We take advantage of technology for increased visibility of the talents in people sixty to eighty. We encourage an appreciation for the skills and wisdom that is the experience of living and aging well. We are all about connection.

At Sixes and Sevens programs focus on the fact that we are living a new adult stage of life and that education can make life more enjoyable. We promote and foster the recognition that people require new learning environments and new “job skills” to make life more livable. For example, our awareness that change is a big part of life and that it affects everyone enhances our programming. We also promote flexibility and sorting of information choices. We provide interaction and inspiration, as well.