Executive Director

By Dr. Margaret Rappaport

The hallmark of Dr Rappaport’s career is a vision that transforms and benefits people as individuals and in groups.  She has practiced psychotherapy for thirty-five years. She has had a fifteen year public speaking career. She is a published author of books, essays and poetry that have inspiration and connection among people as a core goal. Her labyrinth ministry is both secular and spiritual.  Enrichment of people’s lives is a cornerstone of her work.

Dr Rappaport while raising her own two children founded The Institute for Parent/Child Services with a mission to guide and support parents in the surprising and complicated circumstances of a new baby, a delightful toddler, or a wonderful pre-school child.  She saw young parents floundering without the knowledge, guidance or tools to meet the challenges of parenting.  She recognized that only an organization focused on good parenting practices could fill the gap that families and education neglected.  Her research and institutional model led to the establishment of parenting centers throughout the United States.

Dr Rappaport next focused on men and women at the crest of their careers in high stress occupations.  With a full-time healthcare practice and a growing family she had a unique perspective on what it takes to manage a healthy, happy and complex adult life.  Speaking throughout the world, she advocated for good health practices through proper nutrition, sleep and exercise.  Through highly successful “Fit to Fly” seminars for pilots and other aviation personnel her work popularized “take to work” materials that offered practical guidance and encouraged positive decision making for a healthy lifestyle. These seminars were a platform for the development of programs to help people achieve their potential best selves.

Reach New Heights, Inc was dedicated to adult wellness and to understanding and combating stress.  Dr. Rappaport notably proposed that stress is often the result of challenge but just as likely the consequences of boredom.  She explored the concept of resilience that motivated learning how to develop it.  Through speeches and in essays she sought to help adults reach new heights of health and personal achievement.   Her insight that boredom in the later years of life may accelerate aging made her determined to help people enhance their lives by staying challenged, not bored, healthy and engaged.

With the founding of At Sixes and Sevens, Inc., Dr Rappaport developed programs for people in their sixties and seventies.  As more people come into this age range, about 78 million in the next few years in the United States, Dr Rappaport believes we require connection, enrichment and inspiration to maximize the benefits of this healthy, vibrant and satisfying time of life.  Through an interactive website she intends to provoke conversation among this new peer group of mature adults.  Her public radio program will provide an innovative context for sharing perspectives and increasing connections.