Dr. Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell, Ph. D.

Robert started working in the meat industry at the age of 13 as an apprentice meat cutter in a custom cutting and curing meat shop run by a Slovakian immigrant who introduced him to old world meat cutting and processing. He also gained experience in rendering of lard and making casings from the hog’s intestines. This was followed by a stint as a retail meat cutter at an independent retail supermarket and then a weekend cutter at Stop & Shop. During college, he worked as summer help at two commercial operations (Copaco, Stafford Springs and Home Pride, Bloomfield, CT). Both of these operations were small full-line meat plants including everything from slaughter to retail.

Completing his M.S. degree from Ohio State University, Robert went to work in the meat industry for nine years, which helped shape his unique career. Robert was a quality control supervisor for Howard Johnson (Quincy, Mass. and Queens Village, New York), director of technical services for Hebrew National Kosher Foods (Queens Village New York), manager of meat research for IBP , and corporate laboratories manager for IBP.

In 1989, Robert decided to pursue his Ph.D. in Food Science at Kansas State University (KSU). During this period he authored three refereed journal articles as senior author, nine as a contributing author, two book chapters, five extension bulletins and 25 articles in various trade publications. Robert was also responsible for obtaining over $800,000 in research grants. Robert also participated in international meat science programs through the Agency for International Development (AID) projects with missions to Bolivia, Mexico, Paraguay, and the Philippines.

Dr. Campbell received his Food Science Ph.D. in January 2000 from Kansas State University. In 2001, Dr. Campbell received the AMSA Achievement Award. Dr. Campbell is now proud to be the Quality Assurance Manager for Kayem Foods. Prior to arriving at Kayem, Dr. Campbell worked for Dial Inc, at their Armour Star canning facility in Fort Madison, IA. After that he worked for West Liberty Foods in West Liberty IA and then as Food Safety director for Triumph Foods in St. Joseph MO. He currently works as Food Safety Director for Kayem Foods Inc.